Flowers of Rhetoric

“The earth laughs in flowers.”  Ralph Waldo Emerson

A few days ago I tweeted a draft version of a ‘flowers of rhetoric’ infographic, saying I’d post a full version if there was any interest. Most people seemed to like it (bar the one or two hand-wringers who were appalled that I might teach key stage 2 children such things), so as promised here is that infographic.

There are a small number of changes to the one I posted. I correctly attributed the Yoda quote (offending the Star Wars Twitterati is much, much worse than upsetting EduTwitter folk). I changed one of the example quotations. And I shuffled them around into what I consider to be a more logical order. And I created two versions, one with the names of the techniques broken down into Sounds & Syllables as they would be in my Sounds & Syllables spelling programme and one without for those of you not interested in such things.

I will post a series of blog posts in the coming weeks, outlining how I teach these techniques at Key Stage 2,  tips to ensure children grasp the ideas and apply them into their writing, and the mistakes I’ve made along the way and what I’ve learned from them.

But for now, please download by clicking in the images for the full PDF versions, enjoy, use, share. But please be kind – leave logos in tact, and point folks to this blog post who also might like to use them.  

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