Hello. I’m Jason.

I’m a teacher, a learner, a trainer. A language lover, word nerd and grammar geek.

I started out on this journey teaching children to be better readers and writers. Now I help other teachers to do the same. I’ve spent the last 20 years as first a teacher in Nottingham and then as a Primary English consultant for Nottingham LA. I’ve led city-wide initiatives on writing, reading, phonics and assessment. But I still remember individual sentences that children crafted for me fifteen years ago.  I still teach children as often as I can. It keeps me sane.

Work with me and you’ll learn lots about English you didn’t already know, you’ll understand how to teach it well, and you’ll be choc-full of ideas that you’ll want to try out in your classrooms.

In my spare time I cook (some of it is even edible) and bore people with my encyclopedic knowledge of obscure  film and music. Oh, and my work gives me an excuse to own a vast collection of children’s picture books, which threatens to take over my home.