rainbow grammar: for beginners


Venue Eastwood Hall (Notts)
Date Mon 16 October 2017
Time 09:00 - 15:30
Cost 1st @ £150 + VAT (additional @ £125 + VAT)



At the heart of Rainbow Grammar is a very simple idea – that colour can be used to expose the underlying structure of sentences so that children can understand how they work, imitate their patterns and then apply those patterns to new contexts. The approach takes the eight most common grammatical structures in English and represents these with eight colour blocks. Children learn how accurately construct and creatively combine these colours to create a rich array of sentence structures. This both builds their grammar subject knowledge and also impacts directly on the quality of writing.

Delegates will develop their grammar subject knowledge through exploring Jason’s uniquely engaging approach to teaching grammar, learning how to help children to construct sentences, not only with greater accuracy, but also with flair and creativity. Jason will also explore how to effectively sequence Rainbow Grammar teaching to maximise pupil performance and to embed and sustain learning.



Perhaps your school has already been trained in Rainbow Grammar. The course will be invaluable to those staff new to the school and who may have missed out on the initial training, or to colleagues who might benefit from a refresher (I have heard many colleagues say how hearing things for a second time, further clarified their thinking).

Perhaps your school was trained in Rainbow Grammar prior to the new national curriculum and the changes to testing, and you want to find out how Rainbow Grammar has grown, developed and improved in that time.

Perhaps you are a school not yet using Rainbow Grammar and you’d like to see why so many schools are using it.

Or perhaps your school has no intention of using Rainbow Grammar, but just want high-quality grammar professional development for staff.

Whatever the reason for attending, colleagues will leave with the skills and knowledge they need to effectively to teach grammar, and be inspired to get going as soon as they get back to school



The course is suitable for primary English subject leaders, classroom teachers and teaching assistants at key stages 1 and 2.


Queries & bookings

If you have any questions or would like to book, please use the contact page, providing your school name and the names of the delegates to attend.

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