in-school training

Research strongly suggests that ‘outside expertise is crucial in bringing about substantial improvements to pupil outcomes’ (Teacher Development Trust, 2014) and to have genuine lasting impact, CPD should be:

intense: at least 15 hours support but preferably 50
sustained: over at least two terms
content focused: on teachers’ knowledge of subject content and how children learn it
active: with opportunities to try it out and discuss
supported: with external feedback and networks to improve and sustain
evidence based: promotes strategies supported by robust evaluation evidence
(Robert Coe, Improving Education, 2013)

With this in my mind my training has three cornerstones – inspire, embed, sustain – to ensure that you receive the best training available and can make lasting change to benefit your staff and children for the long term.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]


Whole school training doesn’t have to be a dull trawl through boring PowerPoint presentations. My unique presentation style full of passion and energy, sprinkled with wit, (occasional) wisdom and humour – will leave you feeling confident in your subject knowledge, armed with an array of effective teaching strategies, and energised and inspired to try them out in your classrooms.

My whole school training, delivered either as INSET or staff meetings, focuses on the two things that have the greatest impact on learning: subject knowledge and teaching strategies. Always based on sound research and focused on what works, it’s gimmick free – no thinking hats, multiple intelligences or VAK learning styles – just high quality training that makes a difference to children’s learning and enjoyment of reading and writing.


While whole school CPD is wonderful for creating a shared vision and understanding, to create lasting change, training needs to be tailored to the specific needs of groups and individuals.

To help you to embed my training, I support you to embed my teaching approaches where it matter most: in the classroom. I work with teachers in their classrooms to try out and discuss teaching strategies. Working with small teams or individuals I help you to:

plan: effective lessons using the techniques from whole school training that are designed to meet the specific needs of your pupils
teach: I model lessons, team teach alongside you or offer support and guidance as you teach
review: I help you to review the impact of the teaching through post-lesson discussion, pupil interview and work analysis


I want you to sustain lasting change and that impacts of children’s learning for the long term. This needs leaders with the skills and confidence to support staff in their continued professional development, create and lead whole systems and monitor the impact of the strategies that are becoming embedded in your school. I can help you to:

plan: create effective development plans
support: your staff create in their continued professional development
monitor: through work analysis and pupil interview

Whatever your school needs, my personal, tailored approach to school support will help you to help your children to be the best readers and writers they can be.