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My training focuses on the things that matter most: developing teacher subject knowledge and providing teachers with the tools to communicate that knowledge effectively.. Pedagogical content knowledge is the point at which teacher subject knowledge. Always based on sound research and focused on what works, it’s gimmick free – no thinking hats or lolly sticks  – just high quality training that makes a difference to children’s learning.

And training doesn’t have to be a dull trawl through boring PowerPoint presentations. My unique presentation style full of passion and energy, sprinkled with wit, (occasional) wisdom and humour – will leave you feeling confident in your subject knowledge, armed with an array of effective teaching strategies, and energised and inspired to try them out in your classrooms.

whole school training

My professional development offer takes a modular approach to learning. Modules may be combined to create a package of professional development that is tailored to the both the learning needs of your school and also to fit your timetable.

Each module in the ‘in-school training’ section of the site has a suggested delivery time ranging from between 1 hour to 6 hours of training time. These modules may be delivered in any configuration as either, or a combination of, INSET and staff meeting time. Those modules that appear in the same section of the site are designed to work most closely together, but we are happy to tailor any package to suit your requirements.

You might be for example, be looking for support with writing and settle upon our Text Detectives: Reading as a Writer (3 hours), The Seven –ects Toolkit: Modelling Writing (3 hours) and Seeds ‘n’ Weeds: Revising & Editing Writing (1.5 hours) modules. You might combine the first two modules into a whole-day INSET and have the third delivered as a staff meeting.

And longer modules may be split. You might like us to deliver our Rainbow Grammar (6 hours) training but only have staff meeting time available. Simply split the content a sequence of shorter staff meetings.

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class-based training

While whole school CPD is wonderful for creating a shared vision and understanding, but to create lasting change training needs to be tailored to the specific needs of groups and individuals.

Lesson Study

To help you to embed my training, I can support you to develop your subject knowledge and embed teaching approaches where it matters most – in the classroom. I work with teachers in their classrooms to implement whole school training techniques using a Lesson Study approach. Working with small teams or individuals I help you to:

plan effective lessons using the techniques from whole school training that are designed to meet the specific needs of your pupils
teach modelled lessons, team teach alongside you or offer support and guidance as you teach
review the impact of the teaching through post-lesson discussion, pupil interview and work analysis

Learning Clinics

Whole-school training by it’s very nature can be painted with broad brush strokes. With teachers in the audience who might be in Reception or year 6, newly qualified or with years of experience under their belt, there has to be a little something for everyone. Learning clinics meet the needs of small groups or individuals.

Perhaps just your TAs need to unpick reading fluency, or your new staff need training on Rainbow Grammar. Perhaps your upper key stage staff want to delve deeper into more complex grammar, or perhaps a small group need to go over some tricky subject knowledge once more. Whatever the needs of your teachers or TAs, learning clinics make wonderful continued support that builds on whole school training to ensure that it embeds and is sustained.

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